Shadowkill (Shadith's Quest #3) by Jo Clayton

By Jo Clayton

Technological know-how Fiction

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Alarm,” she said. ” She was working as she spoke, swinging the shuttle about, sending it toward the gaping outer door of the lock. “Or maybe it’s automatic,” she said. “With a little luck…” The port was near the top of the worldship where the shuttles could jump in and out without getting tangled in the web of tubes linking the central mass with the ring of much smaller derelicts. Autumn Rose booted the shuttle into a reckless arc over that ring, came down to the central plane and darted for the skeletal marina that Ginny had provided for his bidders.

At first they ran the labyrinth together, then Lissorn drew ahead. Mask slowed and slowed again; when Lissorn was gone, Mask melted into air and was also gone. Kikun curled up on the fire-warmed mat and slept. Dyslaera 2: Struggling To Survive And Get Away 1 Azram wrinkled his nose. “Achcha, Fray. ” Kinefray kicked at the door, yelled after the departing techs, “Bottoss! ” He kicked the door again, shambled over, and dropped onto the plank bed beside his cousin. ” Azram looked round the cell, scratched a claw through the scabby moss growing on the stone.

Or Rose. Dead? Or what? She went painstakingly around the hold once more, touching each of the lifesparks. They were all there, except Lissorn who was dead. Ginny was there. His clients. And this time she located Ajeri the Pilot. All there but Kikun. And Autumn Rose. He slipped them. Clever little lizard. Took Rose with him. I hope. Unless she’s as dead as Lissorn. He’ll come after us, I know it. Yes. All right. They mean to break me any way they can. Let them try. 2 She lay and listened, using the ears and eyes of spiders and other small vermin.

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